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Anneli Kanninen is an interdisciplinary artist working with the topics of home and belonging. Deriving from her personal experiences and as someone who exists on thresholds of many cultures, she is interested in finding home and belonging in different communities, languages, and spaces.


Their movement and self-expression have been in voguing and the ballroom scene since 2009. They’ve studied with the pioneers of the scene, and attended vogue balls in Finland, Europe, and the US. Anneli was in the House of Ninja in 2011-2020, and had one of the leadership positions of the father of the Finnish chapter in 2015-2020. She also studied acting in Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC in 2017 and continued her studies at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2021.


Anneli has an extensive portfolio of stage and camera work, teaching and dance productions starting in 2010. She received a prestigious 6-month artist grant from The Arts Promotion Centre Finland in 2023 to work on her latest stage production “S2 – HOME”. The movement and theatre performance premiered in Mad House festival in Helsinki and continued to The Swedish Theatre as part of the New Theatre Helsinki festival, showcasing international work in Finland.



2011 - cont'd

Kira Riikonen - Tuukka Jukola: Cycle City, a performance combining dance and cycling, 2021, dancer, chor. Kira Riikonen, Zodiak – Center for New Dance


Reserved x Kate Moss opening show in London UK, Sep 2017, dancer, prod. Twenty6 Magazine


Kiss My Dance x Dance House Finland club performances, Feb and Oct 2016, dancer, concept and dir. Brian Lobel (USA/UK), Cruising for Art -festival


Anne Pajunen // Anneli Kanninen is present, May 2015, dancer, concept and chor. by artists, Urban Apa festival


Stockholm Pride x drag artist Robert Fux opening show, 2015, dancer, chor. together with the House of Ninja


Trajal Harrel & friends opening show, Jul 2013, dancer, chor. Trajal Harrel, ImPulsTanz contemporary dance festival (Vienna, Austria)


Me, a dance performance, 2013, dancer, concept and chor. by self, Sommerwerft festival (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)


Bloody Mary drag show, 2013, dancer, chor. together with actor Christoffer Strandberg and dancer Roza Ahmad 


Dancer/model for the following artists, brands and events. 2011-2019: Marimekko, Guess, Mert Otsamo, Minna Parikka, Nike, Stockmann, Halonen, Krista Siegfrids, Benjamin Peltonen, Sanni, Minttu Vesala, LiveAid, QX Gala Helsinki, Pride Helsinki



Detective Maria Kallio, tv drama, 2023, season 2, episode 2, supporting role as Elena Grigorijeva, dir. Laura Joutsi, Zodiak Finland


Pesänlikaajat - erään kohukirjan anatomia, a short film, premiere in fall 2021, reporter Anneli Sundberg, dir. Arthur Franck, Polygraf Oy


Masked Singer tv series, seasons 1-3, 2019-2021, body double and dancer, production assistant, Fremantle Media Finland


Shake, a short film, 2019, waiter, dir. Aino Suni & Sonya Lindfors, Tuffi Films


Nyrkki tv series, 2019, singer, dir. AJ Annila, Zodiak Finland


Finland's Next Top Model tv series, 2012, runway and movement coach, Fremantle Media Finland


UMK/Contest for New Music tv series, 2014-2015 and 2021, dancer, chor. Reija Wäre, YLE



S2 - HOME, an autofictional performance about home and belonging experienced through a multicultural queer lens. Idea and production: Anneli Kanninen. Performers: Anneli Kanninen, Yoandy Jimeno, Vera Boitcova. Text and dramaturgy: work group.

Rakastaja (The Lover) play, 21.2.2020, milkman John, dir. Essi Rossi, Teatteri Jurkka


The House of Ninja presents: Pink Like the Color of.. a performance combining ballroom and visual art, 2019, dancer and dramaturg, chor. together with work group, Pink Space x


Flow Festival (Aug 2019) and Urban Apa festival (Sep 2019)


The Face of the Night - L’enfant et les sortilèges opera, 16.-20.10.2015, dancer, chor. Reija Wäre, Sibelius Academy


Woman, a feminist performance, 28.9.2016, dancer, Urban Apa festival

Aalto Ventures Program brand commercial, 2022, interviewer, online, events, internal; distribution: Finland, prod. Aalto, casting: Helsinki Casting


Oikotie Työpaikat commercial campaign, 2021, office worker, online and stills, distribution: Finland, prod. Laaksalo Productions, casting: Helsinki Casting


Opera browser campaign, 2021, heavy metal nun, online and stills, global distribution, prod. TBWA, casting: Balagan Oy


Kaikille yhteinen, jokaiselle oma, a brand film for the Finnish national broadcasting company YLE, 2020, prisoner, distribution: Finland, prod. Pictures Helsinki


Suomalainen menestysresepti commercial for SOK stores, 2020, dancer, online and stills, distribution: Finland, prod. TBWA


Great Was Never Normal social media campaign, Anttitapani Official -launch, 2020, dancer, distribution Finland and Estonia, prod. Cocoa


Brand video for Fazer, 2020, a person from 1920's, prod. Drama Moving Pictures


SimeliusSimelius x Vimma editorial, 2019, dancer/model, photography and prod. SimeliusSimelius


REVS issue 2 editorial, 2012, dancer/model, photography Nana Simelius, publisher SECT ET SEPT Oy



Valittu Kansa for artist Antti Tuisku, 2019, boss human, dir. Toni Karén


Kiellettyjä Asioita for artist Emma Salokoski, 2015, dancer, dir. Veli Creative


Smell for artist duo Femme En Fourrure, 2015, dancer, dir. Miikka Lommi


Pojat for artist Sanni, 2015, dancer, dir. Miro Laiho


Amen for artist Krista Siegfrids, 2013, dancer, dir. Elias Koskimies



Urban Apa Toolbox #19, spring 2022, facilitating a one-day dance workshop, Helsinki


Uniarts Helsinki, fall 2021, vogue and runway teacher for the Swedish-speaking acting program (MFA)


Uniarts Helsinki, fall 2018, guest teacher for runway and new way vogue for musical theater students (MFA)


Susanna Leinonen Company, 2017, teaching runway and new way vogue


EuroGames LGBTQIA sporting event opening show, 2016, choreographer, prod. and script Elias Koskimies


Suurteos / Magnum Opus, part 4: Piece in A Minor, 2015, runway and new way vogue workshops for dancers, dir. and concept Anna Cadia & Anni Klein


Chorus Line 2013, Nov. 2012 - Mar. 2013, runway and new way vogue workshops for Helsinki Dance Company dancers, chor. Sonya Lindfors


Pop Slut, Oct. - Nov. 2013, runway and new way vogue workshops for performers, dir. and concept Sara Melleri


Runway and new way vogue workshops for the following dance schools, 2012-2021, in Finland: Tamara Rasmussen Opisto, VKTY ry,, Razzmatazz, Hip Hop House, Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto, Espoon Tanssiopisto; internationally Danshögskolan (Stockholm, Sweden), NABA (Milano, Italy), Streetground (Malmö, Sweden), Subsdans (Oslo, Norway), Dans Brynju Péturs (Reykjavik, Iceland). Also weekly classes in Finland in 2013-2016.



Helsinki Pride 2022 programme facilitation and safer space education for HAM Helsinki Art Museum, 2022


Elements Radio show, a monthly radio show focusing on voguing and the ballroom culture, 2019 – 2023, co-hosts Saban Ramadani and Tyson Blu, dj Esgrove, producer Roza Ahmad, Helsinki


Minun Elokuvani film student presentations, 2018, host, Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, Helsinki


Presenting Kate Mulgrew, 2017, foreword before the main speaker, Stella Adler Studio of Acting, NYC


Vogue Ball Helsinki Pride edition 2015 ball; concept, sponsorships, production and hosting, Kämp Mirror Room, as part of the Helsinki Pride week



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